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heather sebastian, artist's statement

I am always painting. I feel compelled to create art as a way to fully experience being human. Secret studio got its name because I feel like our private, secret selves can be shared and enjoyed with others through art, but we can still relish that sense of privacy because everything is open to interpretation and speculation.  

I incorporate Morse code into many of my paintings --  secret messages, poems, phrases, or words -- which add to the meaning or symbolism of each piece and offer another way into the art.


Heather Sebastian is a painter, potter, poet, and teacher. Her primary impulse when creating is to just be and express whatever needs to be purged, projected, examined, or explored at any given time. She grew up in Newmarket around Fairy Lake, then her studies took her around Ontario, out to BC, off to Germany, and then back to York Region, where she teaches Art and English at Keswick High School. She lives on Lake Simcoe with her two children and three cats.

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